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The stern is the back side of a ship or boat. It is the exact opposite end of the boat from the bow, or front. The stern is built over a part of the boat known as a sternpost, which is a structural beam over which the transom, or back end, of the ship is built.Canoeists often cite the stern of the boat as the position from which the steering of the boat is done, while the person paddling in. Port: the left side of the ship, when facing forward (opposite of starboard). Starboard: the right side of the ship, when facing forward (opposite of port). Stern: the rear of a ship (opposite of bow). Topside: the top portion of the outer surface of a ship on each side above the waterline. Underdeck: a lower deck of a ship Stern of a boat. Refers to the back end of a pleasure craft. Starboard side. The right side of a pleasure craft when looking forward. Many centuries ago, ships were always moored on the left side; the helm was on the right side and would have been a hinderance while mooring. More information on starboard side

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Stern definition is - having a definite hardness or severity of nature or manner : austere. How to use stern in a sentence. Synonym Discussion of stern While ships plating consists mainly of deck platting along with bottom, bulkhead and side platting. Ships hull are designed as such to offer minimum resistance to water, is feasible and economical to construct without losing on much needed cargo space I think of a ship as divided into three approximately equal-sized zones - forward, mid-ship, and aft, with an of center implied after the forward or aft. I may refer to a cabin in back 1/3 as an aft cabin, but I call the wake-facing ones stern cabins A Special Purpose Ship means a mechanically self-pro-pelled ship of not less than 500 gross tonnage which, by reason of its function, carries on board more than 12 special personnel, including passengers i.e. persons who are specially needed for the particular operational duties of the ship and are carried in addition to thos

The more cargo the ship is carrying, the greater will be the draught. (e.g. a ship with little cargo may have a draugth of 6 metres, but the same ship with a full cargo may have a draught of 12 metres.) G Afterdeck The deck aft (on the stern side) of the accommodation. H Foredeck The deck of a ship from the accommodation to the forecastle Knowing the windward side (moving toward the wind) and leeward side (moving away from the wind) of a boat is critical when mooring, unmooring, and operating in heavy weather. A windward vessel is normally the more maneuverable vessel, which is why rule 12 of the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea stipulates that windward vessels always give way to leeward vessels

The stern is the back side of the boat or ship, it is the exact opposite end of the boat from the bow or front. It is technically defined as the area built up over the stern post, extending. Before ships had rudders on their center-lines, they were steered with a steering oar at the stern of the ship. Because more people are right-handed it was placed on the right-hand side. The term is similar to the Old Norse stýri (rudder) and borð (side of a ship) In ship: Asian ships side, the bow, and the stern were built up with planking to form a large, flat-bottomed wooden box. The bow was sharpened with a wedge-shaped addition below the waterline. At the stern, instead of merely hanging a steering oar over one side as did the Western ships, Chinese shipbuilders contrived Read Mor Define stern. stern synonyms, stern pronunciation, stern translation, English dictionary definition of stern. adj. stern·er , stern·est 1. Hard, harsh, or severe in manner or character: a stern disciplinarian Download Image of Stern, Starboard Side of Sinking Cargo Ship Arizona Sword. Free for commercial use, no attribution required. This item consists of a photograph of the stern, starboard side of the sinking cargo ship Arizona Sword taken at 8:15 AM by Cape Cod Canal. Construction Project Photographs Dated: 08.04.1951. Topics: stern, cargo, ship, arizona, sword, cape cod canal mass, cape cod.

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Waterline: The intersection of a boat's hull and the water's surface, or where the boat sits in the water. Keel: A boat's backbone; the lowest point of the boat's hull, the keel provides strength, stability and prevents sideways drift of the boat in the water. Now that we have covered the major parts of the boat and some important boating terms, let's take a closer look at the hull and how. The X-STERN™ introduces the documented X-BOW® effect to the aft ship. The sloping, higher stern allows for a sharp stern shape in which the transom plate is replaced by a pointed aft. Some of the benefits are: Improved safety for crew and equipment, increased flexibility in operations and reduced fuel consumption

Stern of cruise ship mirrored in glass plates of Monument to the Sun in Zadar harbor Croatia; stern cruise liner white on background blue sky; stern of yellow cruise ship; Cruise ship travel. Stern of the ship and wake on the sea; View of a cruise ship deck sweeping around a ship's ladder near the stern The vertical/Z axis, or yaw axis, is an imaginary line running vertically through the ship and through its centre of mass.A yaw motion is a side-to side movement of the bow and stern of the ship. The transverse/Y axis, lateral axis, or pitch axis is an imaginary line running horizontally across the ship and through the centre of mass. A pitch motion is an up-or-down movement of the bow and. It is common knowledge that a hole in the ship's hull will allow water to flow inside the ship, causing it to sink. However, there is a hole which is deliberately provided in the ship's hull: the stern tube. This hole is located at the aft of the ship and is necessary for the propeller shaft to pass through and connect with the propeller to the ship's engine Starboard definition is - the right side of a ship or aircraft looking forward. How to use starboard in a sentence Download this stock image: The stern side of a Hanjin cargo ship showing stacked containers at port - San Francisco, California USA - CP80E7 from Alamy's library of millions of high resolution stock photos, illustrations and vectors

Similar terms often used aboard a ship include aft (towards the ship's stern), fore (toward the bow), leeward (the side opposite the direction of the wind) and windward (the side from which the wind is blowing) Here are all the Vertical blade on the stern of a ship answers. CodyCross is an addictive game developed by Fanatee. Are you looking for never-ending fun in this exciting logic-brain app? Each world has more than 20 groups with 5 puzzles each. Some of the worlds are: Planet Earth, Under The Sea, Inventions, Seasons,Continue reading 'Vertical blade on the stern of a ship' the right side of a ship, as seen by someone who is looking towards the front. The left side is steerage noun. in the past, the part of a passenger ship in which people who had the cheapest tickets travelled. stern noun. the back part of a ship. The front of a ship is called the bow. stowage noun. space for storing things in a boat or.

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  1. It is called the stern, as opposed to the stem, which is the forepart of a vessel; they are separated by the midships section. The word probably originated with the old Norse word stjorn which meant the steering. Ships (and boats) were originally.
  2. Photo about Image of the ship from the stern side. Image of installation, skipper, maritime - 10280764
  3. Stern definition, firm, strict, or uncompromising: stern discipline. See more
  4. A stern tube is a hollow tube that runs through the bottom of the ship from the main engine to the propeller. The ship's tail shaft (or propeller shaft), which transfers power from the main engine, runs inside the stern tube and connects to the propeller. In addition, the stern tube is the only piece that connects propellers to the ship

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  1. Find Cruise Ship Stern Side Sailing Paradise stock images in HD and millions of other royalty-free stock photos, illustrations and vectors in the Shutterstock collection. Thousands of new, high-quality pictures added every day
  2. Cargo Ships - Case B. 300% Capacity a) 100% free fall lifeboat aft b) 100% liferafts SB+PS c) Rescue boat d) Additional liferaft if the lifeboats are more than 100 m from the bow or the stern M.Ventura SOLAS - Lifesaving 6 Cargo Ships - Case C. Non-Tankers with L < 85 m a) 100% liferafts capable of being launched at either side. If th
  3. LARBOARD - the left side of a vessel - slurring of larder-board. Due to the need to keep the vessel's steering oar clear for manoeuvring, the left hand side of the ship was put alongside the dock/wharf in order to load/off-load cargo or 'larder' the ship - fm. the Latin word lardarium meaning 'a room for storing food'
  4. Different Types of Stern Tube Seals. Arguably one of the most critical shipboard systems is the seal which keeps sea water out, and allows the propulsion shaft to continue spinning, the Stern Tube Seal. Without it, as soon as the ship was launched, water would travel up the stern tube or through the transom directly into the ship and it would sink
  5. Square-rigged: A ship on which some of the principal sails are square in shape and hang across the deck, rather than running with the keel (as in a fore-and-aft-rigged ship.) Starboard: The right side of a ship, as the steersman stands facing forward. Stern: The rear of a ship

Another word for stern. Find more ways to say stern, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at Thesaurus.com, the world's most trusted free thesaurus Photo about Image of the ship from the stern side. Image of merchant, engineering, installation - 10268288 supporting timber of a ship stern back part of a ship sternpost main member at stern of a ship extending from keel to deck sternway movement of a ship backwards stevedore dock worker who loads and unloads ships stokehold ship's furnace chamber strake continuous band of plates on side of a ship stunsai Only thanks to her special technical details, this ship could be the centre of an expedition with the dimensions of MOSAiC. Not only is Polarstern capable of operating in the pack-ice zone, but owing to her double-walled steel hull and 20,000 horsepower, she can also easily break through 1.5-metre-thick ice and overcome thicker ice by ramming

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5. A ship's stern construction according to claim 1 in which said upper side of each of said channels approximate to part of a surface of revolution about the axis of the propeller. 6. A ship's stern construction according to claim 1 in which the line of the knuckle is such as to appear parabolic when viewed from the stern. 7 Download this Polygonal Sailing Ship With White Sails And Brown Stern Side View 3d Vector Illustration vector illustration now. And search more of iStock's library of royalty-free vector art that features Adventure graphics available for quick and easy download Rudder, part of the steering apparatus of a boat or ship that is fastened outside the hull, usually at the stern. The most common form consists of a nearly flat, smooth surface of wood or metal hinged at its forward edge to the sternpost. It operates on the principle of unequal water pressures —side doors —stern doors —central power pack —bridge panel —engine control room panel b) Service conditions —limiting heel and trim of ship for loading/unloading —limiting heel and trim for door operations —doors/ramps operating instructions —doors/ramps emergency operating instructions c) Maintenance —schedule and extent of. Viking ship is a modern term used about a whole group of different ship classes which were used in Scandinavia in the Viking age (793 AD - 1066 AD) and in the next couple of centuries. We often associate the term with elegant longships with dragonheads and tall and upright sterns and stems, and a rig with a broad square sail

Aft - in the direction of the stern. Astern - behind the ship. Starboard - the right side of the ship. Port - the left side of the ship. Bridge - the room in which the ship is controlled. Cabin - a room where a crew member lives. Decks - the floors. Galley - the kitchen. Hold - an area inside the ship used to carry goods. Hull - the main body. Oxter Plate - An 'S'-shaped shell plate, found around the stern quarters of the vessel at the point where the body of the ship falls away towards the boss plate.. Panting Beams - Athwartships steel members found in the forepart of the vessel, abaft the stem, and forward of the collision bulkhead.They are intended to brace the ship's side plating in the area of the bow to reduce the.

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ABREAST - Side by side; by the side of. To define abreast in non sailing terms would be alongside something. ADRIFT - Loose, not on moorings or towline. AFT - Toward the stern of the boat. The aft of a ship is towards the rear of the ship, or the back of a boat. AGROUND - Touching or fast to the bottom. AHEAD - In a forward direction The back is the stern. When a person is facing the bow, left side is port and the right side is starboard. The origin of starboard goes back to early sailing vessels that had no fixed rudder at the centre-line at the stern. These were steered with a special oar mounted on the ship's side near the stern Stern: The stern is the back portion of the vessel. When a person is moving toward the stern, they are moving aft. However, if the boat is moving backward, it is called astern. When facing the bow of the ship but standing in the stern, the left side is called the port quarter while the right side is considered the starboard quarter Sheer: It is measured as the rise of the deck towards the stem or stern.It is the height of the deck at the side above the deck at sides amidships. Camber or round of beam: It can be defined as the side of the deck going from side to the centre of the ship.. Rise of floor or dead rise: At the amidships region, the bottom of the ship is extended out to intersect the moulded breadth line

General cargo ship A,B,D.hatches No 1, No 2, No3, C cofferdam 1.cargo gear, masts and derricks 2. hatch covers 3. cargo winches 4. mast house 5. main deck 6. second deck 7. 'tweendeck centreline bulkhead 8. lower hold centreline bulkhead 9. transverse bulkhead 10. tank top 11. stowage in holds 12. deck cargo A bow Read moreCargo ship: general structure, equipment and arrangemen Ramps. Large steel constructions consisting of longitudinal beams plated over to provide a vehicle roadway. External ramps are used to allow wheeled vehicles to travel between a quay and a ro-ro ship; stern, side and bow ramps are used. Fixed or movable internal ramps provide access from deck to deck

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  1. I did all the side tracks which makes the total distance 26km. Ballanjui Cascades is worth a look but if you are time restricted I would skip Booboora Falls and Guraigumai Rock. If you are feeling energetic check out Charraboomba Rock, don't feel guilty if you skip this one though, once you reach Ships Stern you'll get plenty of amazing views
  2. Many ships with RoRo capabilities incorporate vehicle access by the bow as well as by the stern, this enables efficient cargo flow and quick turnarounds in port. Movable ramps / hoistable MacGregor hoistable ramps make more efficient use of available cargo spaces than fixed ramps; ramps are available as both sealed and un-sealed version
  3. When in port the ship either anchors or moors to facilitate loading and discharging operations. Each of these operations requires skills and detailed knowledge of the capability of the ship and local conditions. A pilot may provide some of these but there are some port
  4. Ship-Handling 211 Pitch Defined as the axial distance moved forward by the propeller in one revolution through a solid medium. Measurement may be achieved by use of a pitchometer or by practical calculation in dry dock. Pivot Point A position aboard the vessel about which the ship rotates when turning is called the pivot point

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  1. lee side - The side of a ship sheltered from the wind (cf. weather side). lee shore - A shore downwind of a ship. A ship which cannot sail well to windward risks being blown onto a lee shore and grounded. leeway - The amount that a ship is blown leeward by the wind. See also weatherly. leeward - In the direction that the wind is blowing towards
  2. The pivot point now moves aft and establishes itself approximately 25% or a 1/4 of the ship's length from the stern. It should also be stressed that other factors such as acceleration, the shape of hull and speed may all affect the position of the pivot point
  3. Naval architects design these ships with sealed decks so if water does reach the top of the hull it drains off back into the water and does not impact the buoyancy of the ship. Instead, the freeboard is higher at the bow, or front of the vessel, and slopes down to the stern at the rear
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bottom side rail bottom end transverse member (bottom front cross corner post top side rail. Thermal containers Insulated containers. built-in type (refrigeration unit fitted on request). 1.cold air supply, 2.air return, 3. coupling, 4. plenum chamber, 5. grating, 6. container door, Temperature maintenance in insulated containers on board ship Titanic, British luxury passenger liner that sank on April 14-15, 1912, during its maiden voyage, en route to New York City from Southampton, England, killing about 1,500 people. One of the most famous tragedies in modern history, it inspired numerous works of art and has been the subject of much scholarship Index: Pictures of United States Navy Ships 1775-1941 Index by Ship Name AA1 (SS52), renamed T1. Port bow, underway. Submarines 161 Alabama (BB8). Port bow. Battleships 77 Alfred (formerly the Black Prince). Sailing Ships 1 Allegheny (AT19), formerly the Huron. Oceangoing tug. Port stern quarter, underway. Auxiliary Ships 63 Anderson (DD411). Starboard side. Destroyers 137 Arctic(AF7.

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Around the time of the doors closing, the Titanic's stern passed by the iceberg with 5 and 1/2 watertight compartments had been breached and began flooding. Most passengers and crew above the waterline didn't feel the collision, though many over on the starboard side could here the ship scraping along the iceberg The highest deck at the stern of a large ship, usually above the captains quarters. main. The longest mast located in the middle of a ship. port. The left side of the ship when you are facing toward her prow opposite of starboard). See also starboard. prow. The forwardmost area of the ship. See also bow The difference between the draughts on the bow and the stern of the ship is called trim. Trim is said to be by the bow or by the stern depending upon where the draught is greater. The ship is said to hog or sag when the curvature is concave down or up respectively, as shown in Figure 3 below Jun 7, 2017 - hms-victory-starboard-side-stern.jpg (2276×2897 installation to the stern side of the boat. Some of these cookies are essential to the operation of the site, while others help to improve your experience by providing insights into how the site is being used

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Mar 31, 2017 - Ulstein Group is a family owned group of companies offering a wide range of ship designs, shipbuilding, equipment packages and maritime solutions. The X-BOW and X-STERN hull line designs are registered innovations by ULSTEIN. The company is headquartered in Ulsteinvik, Norway The hull is the most visible part of a ship, because it is the body of the watercraft. The hull makes the ship buoyant while providing shelter to those on board, and is divided by bulkheads and decks, depending on its size. Bulkheads are compartments which run across the ship from side to side, creating isolated areas, while decks are analogous to the floors of a house CASE 1: (Berthing Stern to) At first the place where the ship's stern is to be brought alongside is located. A firsthand knowledge of the shore line is required, like if there is a protrusion or not at the underwater section or the bed is shallow or shoaled. 7 www.marineinsight.com A Brief Introduction to Important Vessel Mooring Technique The length of a ship measures from the forward side of stem to the aft side of the stern post at the height of the designed water line. Length over all: The length of a ship measured from the foremost point of the stem to the aftermost part of the stern. Liberty: Permission to be absent from the ship for a short period (authorized absence.

SHIPMODELL: handcrafted boat and ship models. Ship model plans , history and photo galleries. Ship models of famous ships. Advices how to build. Modelers from Hungary. Stern Wheel Steamer. Stern-wheel steamer WESTERN RIVER ⚓ Stern-wheel steamer Marieville 1870 ⚓ Stern-wheel steamer Mississippi 1870 ⚓ Stern-wheel steamer COLUMB 1912. Stern: Run to the back Port: Run to the left side of the boat Starboard: Run to the right side of the boat. Row the Boat: Each player finds a partner, sits face to face, holds hands, and pretends to row a boat. Players who can't find partners or who are too slow are eliminated

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Feb 4, 2016 - Viking ships were steered with a steering oar at the right side of the stern of the ship, because more people are right-handed. This is the origin of the term Starboard, from the old norse stýri (rudder) and borð (side of a ship). Since the steering oar was on the right side of the boat, it would have to be tied up at wharf on the other side Side Shell Doors and Stern Doors S9.1 General S9.1.1 Application S9.1.1a These requirements are for the arrangement, strength and securing of side shell doors, abaft the collision bulkhead, and of stern doors leading to enclosed spaces. The requirements apply to all ro-ro passenger ships and ro-ro cargo ships engaged o stern The rear part of a ship. stern chaser A cannon mounted in the stern of a ship aimed behind the ship for use if the ship is being chased studdingsails Square sails that are rigged to extra yards that are lashed to and extra further out from the primary yards, they extend the width of the sails on a square-rigged ship swivel gu Cruise ship stern. When most people talk about travel, there are no tricky words or unique phrases, but cruise ship vocabulary can be a foreign language to uninitiated travelers. Whether you're trying to find your way around the ship, planning what to do, or just learning about different aspects of cruise travel , it's best to know the appropriate lingo and avoid sounding like a land lubber Ship Side, Midship Area Hose Handling Crane Mid Ship store. Manifold. Accommodation Ladder Or The Gangway. Aft. forward. Ship Side (Starboard side) Main deck of a vessel (Courtenay Bay) A aerial view of the main deck of the ship. Midship crane. Accommodation ladder. Port side or the left side of the ship. Manifold. Starboard side or the right.

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Larboard: The old name for the left hand side of a ship. Larboard was officially changed to 'port' in 1844, to avoid confusion with starboard. Larboard refers to the loading side of a ship, as apposed to steerboard. Lasten: An older Dutch term used to express a ship's carrying capacity. 4000 Amsterdam pounds or 1976 kilos per ton lasten Drawing, 'Stern view, from the port side, of a Dutch ship at anchor, possibly the Gelderland', by Willem van de Velde the Elder, offset from graphite with a little retouching in graphite. Museum Number D.618-1889

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The promenade deck is a deck found on several types of passenger ships and riverboats. It usually extends from bow to stern, on both sides, and includes areas open to the outside, resulting in a continuous outside walkway suitable for promenading, (ie, walking) thus the name. A deck does not have to be a large open area: Deck 1 The flag worn at the stern of a ship. Entering-port. A large port in the sides of three-deckers, leading into the middle deck, to save the trouble of going up the ship's side to get on board. Even keel. When the keel is parallel with the horizon. Fack, or Fake. One circle of any cable or rope coiled. Fag end. The end of a rope fagged out. See. star·board (stär′bərd) n. The right-hand side of a ship or aircraft as one faces forward. adj. On the right-hand side as one faces forward. adv. To or toward the right-hand side as one faces forward. [Middle English sterbord, from Old English stēorbord : stēor-, a steering; see stā- in Indo-European roots + bord, side of a ship.] American.

Tora! Tora! Tora! - The making of the movie - The ShipsCabins on board | MS Stavangerfjord | Our ships | Fjord LineMeticulous 3D Printed RC Model of the Titanic is AlmostSS Oriana 1960 lovingly known as &quot;The Queen of the Sea

One of such arrangement can be two tugs made fast forward, one made fast aft and two tugs standby. The one tug made fast aft will have one line on each side of the poop deck to have better control in handling the ship. Depending upon the dock, the ship will either enter stern in or bow in. The pilot will bring the ship to parallel to the dock Even the best captain doesn't have a shot at surviving a sinking ship without a life vest or raft. The first piece of gear you'll want to have in working order on any boat or ship is a bilge pump. Unwanted water is supposed to drain from the deck through openings on the side called scuppers, but oftentimes the water finds its way to the bilge Drift Angle is the angle between ships fore and aft line & the tangent to turning circle at any given moment. Pivot Point is a point about which a ship pivots in a turning circle. This point is a pproximately 30% of length from forward when steaming ahead and about 20% - 25% of length from the stern when the ship is going astern Fit a stern thruster: with a side propeller in both the bow and stern, you get better control of the vessel than with a bow thruster alone. You are also able to rotate the boat in any 360 direction while stationary

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